Project Description

“We want to be there when people need us” is the motto for Norman and John who run Yarra Street Quartermasters (YSQ for short). YSQ is your premium drive thru shopping experience, where Norman supplies the wine, John supplies the fresh fruit and deli items, and their dog Mickey supplies the charm.

Both John and Norman enjoy sharing their excitement for new wines and good quality local food without spending a fortune. Both work hard to be convenient for their customers. They do this by being open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk with longer hours in summer. YSQ is unique in Geelong because there is nothing else like it. In the Geelong CBD for most people, the closest supermarkets are the ones the major shopping centres and these supermarkets aren’t convenient due to issues such as parking, monitoring kids and pets or running other errands. At YSQ this isn’t an issue because all you need to do is pull up, hop out and easily shop for some essentials.

YSQ is also where people driving in the Geelong CBD can get access to local food and produce such as Pacdon Park, Sage Beef and beautiful flowers from local seller Kate Canning. Sage Beef is fresh, ethically farmed beef and lamb that comes straight from Bannockburn. Along with this farm to table cycle is the opportunity to purchase specialty cuts which are hard to find elsewhere and beautiful to cook with. YSQ also cater to organic, gluten free, and paleo diet options.

“We are going to be open Grand Final Day; we’re going to be open Christmas Day. We want to be there when people need us.” – Norman

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131 Yarra Street,
Geelong VIC 3220