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Project Description

Walking along Union Street in Geelong, one of the most interesting places you will find is the Union Street Wine Cellar and Bar. The sound of chill vibes and the scent of pinot noir fill the air, as you walk in.

A couple of regulars to this fine establishment are Adam and Angelica.

Angelica says “… It’s like a second home here. It is always very welcoming, and not pretentious. It’s close to work and lots of people work in the Geelong CBD, so it’s somewhere convenient to stop off and get a bottle for the weekend before heading home.”

Adam says “… The wines at Union Street are magnificent. There is always something interesting, even if it is a bit scary because you’ve never heard of it before, but they are always tasty. Speaking of tasty, the cheese and the jamon are brilliant and make any wine taste so much better. In fact, I’ve even wanted a meat carving machine at home because of this wine bar.”

Angelica continues by saying “…It’s the expertise as well, they are not up themselves about it. Asking what did you want to try, try this, try this. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. We will find something you do like.”

Both Adam and Angelica agree that Andy’s (co-owner) moustache is amazing, and there is always something to drink here. There will always be something you’ll love at Union Street Wine Cellar.


8 Union St,
Geelong VIC 3220

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