Project Description

Richard Lodge runs The Rock Adventure Centre at the river end of Pakington Street in Geelong, where the adventure is indoor rock climbing. The Rock (as it is more commonly known) opened on this day, the 1st of September, 15 years ago. The original owner, Rick opened The Rock back in 2001, and was a rock climber who built many gyms for other people before building one for himself: in an 100 year old wool mill in Newtown. Richard Lodge, the current owner, was originally a builder for The Rock, and later worked up to an instructor, then manager and now owns The Rock.

Other than being the only climbing gym in Geelong, The Rock ultimately wants newcomers to have an adventure, to get a little scared, and have a great experience all in a fun and safe environment. The Rock is also unique because they focus on creating a supportive climbing community for climbers in the local area where they can meet other climbers, organise events, hang out and do what they enjoy doing with friends.

Richard has been climbing for over 24 years, and says “…Rock climbing is an amazing metaphor for life, the way you can use rock climbing to learn new things, to learn about yourself, about what you are capable of  and what great things you can achieve with practice…”

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