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Project Description

The air at one of Rocksalt Food Company Cafes is filled with the smell of seasonal, gourmet, ready-made take-home meals, as well as chutneys, family pies, and sweet desserts. Who is head chef and creator of all these wonderful treats? She’s Belinda, the owner and wizard of Rocksalt Food Company.

Rocksalt originally started back in 2010 in Ocean Grove, as food wholesalers for other businesses in Geelong. However, in 2014, Belinda and her team took the plunge and opened a successful café in Grovedale. From there, they’ve recently expanded into opening another café in Torquay.

​The secret to Rocksalt’s success is that Belinda and her team make everything themselves, everything from the dumplings to the sweet slices. Belinda says that “we enjoy making everything ourselves because it can be so creative and fun.”
They also specialise in catering for special occasions, which means you can have your cake and take it home too.


222 Torquay Road,
Grovedale VIC 3216
136 Geelong Road,
Torquay VIC 3228

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