Project Description

Walking down Little Malop street on a Saturday night, you will feel the thumping music and the bright lights of the Piano Bar Geelong.

Piano Bar Geelong is the brain child of Andy and Jessie, then later Aaron. A place where they would bring a warm, welcoming, and entertaining cruise ship environment to Geelong and entertain people from all around. The Piano Bar has been in Geelong for about a year, and it’s been a great success. The Piano Bar is booked every Saturday night for the rest of 2016!

The Piano Bar is unique because the music played is controlled by the room, with request slips being thrown onto the piano, and whatever the room is feeling like is what they play. Everyone is welcome and leaves with a smile on their face. Aaron says “…Our customers range from 18 to 88, and even 98 sometimes. We’ve had 80th birthdays in here and it’s been fantastic. It’s about everybody coming together and having a good old sing-a-long. It’s like a party in your living room, where everyone from school mums, to good timers and the LGBTI community are welcome…”

Aaron also states that “… We love working here, we love our regulars and love new people when it is their first time, and we get such pleasure in entertaining them and having a great time with all of our customers…”

The Piano Bar has had so much love from their customers, that they are expanding to a second venue, in Malop street. They will still keep the current Piano Bar in Little Malop Street for private functions. Soon, it will be easier and not as much of a squeeze to get into the new Piano Bar.

  • ub blue note piano bar2 orig - PIANO BAR GEELONG
  • ub blue note piano bar5 orig - PIANO BAR GEELONG
  • ub blue note piano bar4 orig - PIANO BAR GEELONG


86 Little Malop Street,
Geelong VIC 3220