Project Description

The Little Green Corner is located in Little Ryrie Street, Geelong and has been owned and run by Hugh Whitehead since 2015. Everything about the Little Green Corner relates to serving food and drink that is simple, local and sustainable.

This cafe is unique in Geelong because of their commitment to their strong values. They teach their customers about the true seasonality of food, they only serve things that grow around us all and that means they celebrate and cultivate things only when they are at their best, and leaving them alone when they are not.

At the moment, Little Green Corner are serving some amazing dishes encompassing broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower that are quite abundant in Geelong. Hugh acquired this passion for simple and sustainable food from his upbringing and believes that our food system should be based on what’s grown locally.

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42 Little Ryrie Street,
Geelong VIC 3220