Project Description

Fair-Dinkum Moccies are unique due to two factors, producing top quality products and being truly Australian made (as the name “Fair-Dinkum” suggests.) For those who are unaware of what Moccies are, Moccies are Aussie Ugg boots or soft slippers to wear comfortably around the house.

The owner of Fair-Dinkum Moccies, Antonio Ciardulli has been designing and creating these beauties right here in Geelong for ages. Antonio’s grandfather Carmine was a shoemaker in Foggia, Italy, and he learnt the trade at just ten years of age.

Fair-Dinkum Moccies are authentic because they are created using Geelong Eco-Leather from Lara, and are made of 100% sheepskin. Antonio says that “the Moccie is an Aussie icon and it has to remain that way… I’ve been making Moccies since I was little, and I always aim to create a supreme product… I do it because I know how (and love) to do it.”

  • ub fair dikum moccies1 orig - FAIR-DINKUM MOCCIES
  • ub fair dikum moccies2 orig - FAIR-DINKUM MOCCIES
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Thompson Road,
North Geelong VIC 3215
0400 258 836