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Why is video production so expensive?

There are three main phases to professional video production.

The first is pre-production.  This is where I sit with clients to fully understand the elements of their business which will make the best content for video.  After working with clients to put together a story board, where we agree upon the length of each segment and its content, it’s time to go into the next phase – production.

Production requires cameras, lighting, microphones and more to come together for the shoot.  Depending on the nature of the video, this may happen on location or in the studio.

Finally is post-production.  This is often a complex task of sifting through the multiple takes to find the best one for editing.  Many hours of work go into this phase and often the client is involved to select the best take.  Next, the transitions between scenes need to be inserted.  Music may need to be sourced and overlayed as well.  Then come any special effects that are to be included.

Consider this – a simple 30 second commercial on television may cost $400,000.  Your 1 minute video will be substantially less expensive and, because it is targeted to your specific audience, is likely to have greater impact on your bottom line.

What if I have no confidence in front of the camera?

This is a barrier I’ve helped many people overcome.  By being calm and encouraging and teaching you some simple techniques, it’s amazing how quickly the shyest of people overcome their worries.  The pride they feel upon completion is wonderful.

Where do I find an audience?

There are various social media channels to distribute your video through.  Facebook and YouTube are the most obvious but Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are also available.  Facebook especially delivers great results as videos are given greater prominence by the current algorithm.

I don’t have time!

You don’t have time to effectively connect with thousands of potential customers?  In the majority of cases, it takes a day on my client’s time.  For the value it delivers over its lifetime, this is small investment.

How long does the whole process take?

In most cases, 3 weeks.  This includes all 3 phases described.

What happens after the shoot?

I maintain contact with my clients to ensure they are in the loop during all phases.  Their feedback is often sought so the final product is a professionally produced video they can proudly display to their potential customers in a variety of formats.

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